Power to Innovate and Lead?.

ResX Analytics provides quick, insightful research content using latest technologies and years of experience in reporting on a wide range of industries. Our company offers extraordinary editorial, content development and information solutions to some of the largest Research & Consulting firms, content consolidators, and news agencies worldwide.

We are committed to expert content creation, generation, aggregation, composition and management. The dynamic facets of content management come alive at our state-of-art research station as we help our clients leverage and tap revenue-generating opportunities.

Our People

Our research team comprises over 600+ market analysts, special consultants, external industry experts, and specialist researchers worldwide with experience in market research reporting and management consulting. Many of our employees have been working with us for several years. Our analysts provide independent, objective, unbiased, and simple solutions to market related issues and challenges that come from years of critical analytical experience in the research field. We take great pride in our accomplished global staff that is unrivalled in experience, education, enthusiasm, and motivation.

In addition to our in-house team of experienced writers and support staff, we also pioneered a virtual network of over 300 professionals who work at their own pace from the comfort of their homes. ResX Analytics is always on the lookout for people to strengthen its fast expanding global editorial and content development team. We will be glad to hear from prospective candidates interested in off-premises, flexible work hours.

We`re constantly looking for that special breed of team players who exhibit a strong business acumen, analytical prowess, and excellent English expression. Academic excellence and a minimum of first class in graduate degree are essential for consideration. We value those individuals who possess the ability to translate fact based analysis into insightful, unbiased, and independent actionable points of view. If you`re a high energy serious candidate who meets this description, we invite you to contact us.

Our Mission

We fully acknowledge the power of information to provide a competitive edge to companies. Our value proposition revolves around helping companies sharpen and improve their response to evolving market challenges.

Our Editorial Excellence

ResX Analytics has developed content generation and management methodologies, geared to meet the high standards of editorial performance. To help ensure a foolproof product, we have initiated guidelines, standard operating procedures, and protocols that detail the entire editorial process from content scanning to style of documentation, and presentation. Our uniquely structured business model and workflow procedures help ensure that we constantly deliver high-quality research projects to our clients.

We have over the years built mutually rewarding relationships with hundreds of peripheral and freelance analysts who aid in offering rich editorial support. We presently maintain a wide network of highly skilled editors who bring to the table unrivalled editorial talent. We take special pride in our offline support analysts? ability to create and generate consistent high quality content that complements and adds value to our research efforts. At ResX Analytics, we deftly blend years of broad, in-depth research knowledge and expertise with global information resources, and scalable and robust analytical, editorial, and content generation technologies to offer truly value added research on industries worldwide.