ResX Analytics offers a wide range of services to the premium content publishing industry. Our Services include
  • Secondary Research
  • Primary Research
  • Editorial Support
  • Content Development
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Data Warehousing
  • Content Management
  • Analytical & Data Modeling
  • Market Research
  • Market Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • URL Profiling
  • Product Analysis

As a provider of business information solutions and industry intelligence, ResX Analytics offers outstanding data quality and wide breadth of global coverage. We provide corporate and industry level information delivery and management reporting, information strategy planning, and statistical analysis. Our information solutions revolve around providing unparalleled insights into markets and their constantly evolving dynamics, which are both crucial for on-going business improvements.

We transform static data and information feeds into consolidated and integrated actionable, proactive information that can be used to measure, manage, plan and improve business activities. In other words, we process data and information to the point at which decisions can be made. We help companies with precise analytics and interpretations by pinpointing market trends, challenges, drivers, and issues.

  • Drive more revenue
  • Stay ahead of competition
  • Make timely & informed decisions
  • Devise smart marketing and management strategies
  • Identify emerging market niches, opportunities
  • Identify new competitors and new manifestations of value-based competition
  • Understand fundamental marketplace deregulation and the strategic alternatives they imply or bode.
  • Uncover latent demand patterns
  • Retain their relevance in the changing marketplace and maintain competitiveness
  • Learn about existing and potential competitors, their strategic moves, strengths, weaknesses, and resources
  • Learn more about target product and service markets
  • Identify lucrative investments avenues and validate the attractiveness of proposed avenues for investments
  • Identify lucrative merger and acquisition targets
  • Identify key strategic relationships
  • Quickly access company profiles
  • Understand company structures
  • Uncover the most indiscernible fine print bottlenecks and trends
  • Determine market and sales potential
  • Track industry trends
  • Identify the best new business opportunities
  • Receive up-to-date news and reviews
  • Develop on-target business plans & product development strategies

In this information driven world, companies cannot undermine the need to keep abreast of market happenings and changing business environment. Our structured, yet flexible information standards help us adapt and mold our research to suit dynamic sectors that we cover. Our indigenously elaborated patented platform for tracking workflow processes including automation of routine tasks is designed to speed up the entire process, reduce errors, augment reliability, and achieve unrivalled industry-leading accuracy. Our workflow architecture and business processes at every juncture help enhance, and enrich quality and output levels. The internal workflow strategies help our lead teams to efficiently transcend organizational boundaries and achieve targeted performance levels. Several teams proactively synchronize and harmonize the entire content production flow by maintaining an open channel of communication between the editorial, analytical, and the quality control teams. Donning the role of workflow and information architects, our knowledgeable senior management team and project management team provide specialized support and optimally balance the requirements of all teams.

The workflow models also allow our editors to focus on style of language, its usage, and grammar, while concurrently checking the structure and comprehensiveness of the document. With an unwavering focus on maintaining high quality of our content, we constantly evaluate and refine our editorial process.

At ResX Analytics, we specialize in creating reliable and authoritative content that is thoroughly researched, evaluated, analyzed and interpreted. Detailed reporting and analysis requires intense research and data mining, and at ResX Analytics, we have the brainpower required to carry out a detailed investigation into information deliverables across a broad spectrum of industries. Information is gleaned, pooled, extrapolated, interpreted, and analyzed within a framework of established research techniques and technologies. Transformation of raw unstructured data into information and cutting edge knowledge required for decision support requires thorough comprehension of the value of data being managed and manipulated. Our business processes, workflows, and easy-to-use guidelines are geared towards developing content rich, competitive information products.

The editorial and composition process involves textually conceptualizing, developing, creating, illustrating, and reviewing research content. New content is the lifeblood of our research products. The value of our content lies in keeping it up-to-date and current. Thousands of pages of electronic source materials from diverse databases and sources are acquired and managed for in-depth insights into industries, markets, companies, products, services, technology, patents, and government/regulatory information. Our experienced and accomplished content creation specialists, content analysts and subject matter experts analyze, extract, extrapolate, synthesize, author, write and edit compelling new research content. Our strong team of in-house statisticians helps develop and utilize automated forecasting packages and techniques. They additionally benchmark standards for scenario-based forecasting and modeling numbers. The team adroitly carries out data mining, categorization, validation, verification, and data/market segmentation together with helping in scheduling the editorial work and tagging comments on the content.

Sourced and pooled data is first thoroughly mapped, analyzed, and aggregated to gain a more cohesive perception of the industry. Intensive data mining is then carried out as our Industry Group Managers, and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) browse through vast amounts of information, picking value content from a vast pool of logs and data. Pertinent information is categorized, extracted, interpreted, normalized in line with documentation guidelines, and integrated. Analyzed and published content is tagged for review and additions or deletions are thereon made depending upon the relevancy of the content with the changing industry dynamics.

Our accomplished researchers, analysts, and subject matter experts create, develop, and evaluate research content on a purely technical and analytical level. Our skilled pool of outsourced editorial talent extends the required extra refinement to our content-intensive industry specific research reports, studies and white papers by reviewing the content for grammar, language style, consistency, and conformance to editorial standards. Our professionally trained editors, who thoroughly acknowledge and understand the power of words are trained to perceive content as research centric and are groomed to offer unparalleled synergy between research and journalist-centric skills.

We have an extensive network of talented and creative writers and documentation experts who have over the years demonstrated their ability to write. With pristine track records, their proven mastery in their respective fields of expertise stands undisputed. Our network of external editors are organized knowledge teams that offer knowledge skills such as adding value to research content through content enhancement, controlled vocabulary development, abstracting, annotating interpretative research content, and authoring content synopsis. Our editorial staff, including analysts, is impeccably groomed in understanding editorial style requirements together with grammar requirements of the English-language. Also well versed in electronic keyboarding and editing, the team handles demanding documentation assignments and meets the highest level of editorial excellence. Our editorial standards revolve around objectively and flawlessly communicating the current industry-specific scenario.

A special in-house team of specialist analysts conduct rigorous quality checks to ensure that no errors or inefficient writing slips through the cracks. Our exemplar authoring tools and proprietary research processes, help ensure conforming to diligent quality standards, and forewarn editors, authors and analysts to take correctional measures before the final report takes shape. The team?s in-depth knowledge of editorial and content production, together with a disciplined workflow procedure help in immaculately threading text together, and makes us extremely sensitive to quality, and value additions.