ResX Analytics LLC provides research and strategy support services to some of the world's leading research and consulting firms. ResX Analytics is an affiliate of one of the world's largest off-the-shelf market research firms. We aim to build world-class talent from all over India through careful selection, training and recruitment into experienced teams who provide guidance and support to some of the world's most reputed companies. Our proprietary procedures and methodologies are designed to deliver the highest quality business information. A consistent attention to detail and the application of state-of-the-art techniques and tools ensure our leadership position in the research services business. We consider our people to be our greatest asset solely responsible for our success. The recognition of this fact is mirrored in our philosophy of hiring talented and accomplished individuals. Our recruitment process is very selective, whereby, aspiring analysts and writers are hand picked only because they are talented innovators. Our constant vigil of the changes in the industry, research methods, their design and delivery process, essentially requires the new teams we bring onboard to be periodically trained to meet the changing needs. A strong willingness to learn is critical to a successful career at ResX Analytics. Over the past several years, we have earned a reputation of fairness, transparency and commitment towards our employees. Working in an intense and professional environment, our writers and analysts quickly develop skills that are unique. It is our strongest conviction that young people, when empowered with the right tools, can evolve rapidly to produce world-class research and analysis. Within a few months of being onboard, our analysts mature with analytical and problem-solving skills, learn to work in teams. They quickly master the ability to handle complex projects and meet deadlines. Most importantly, develop skill sets that uniquely qualify them to handle projects designed to inform and assist the world?s most innovative companies.


Regardless of whether you stay on beyond the training period or move on, the learning experience can be beneficial to your future career prospects. Recruits are always winners in terms of the knowledge and skill set they acquire at the end of the training program. The program enhances your credentials for a real corporate career. It is designed for the serious business professional intending to evolve to a higher level of marketability beyond run-of-the-mill academic credentials and general work experiences.

The participant?s personal commitment and intensity, general aptitude and inquisitiveness, time invested, computer usage and word processing software familiarity.

These include idea consolidation; organized documentation of analysis; language expression and usage of proper business terminology; idea consolidation & presentation; analysis and creative reporting of facts and news; speculation & projection; and effective implementation of research and analysis techniques.

The trainees will work alongside our analysts and Project Managers on real projects empowering their learning to a practical real world dimension. Your learning model is designed to extend to all the activities of our group of companies in the intelligence business. This model of training is mutually beneficial to both the candidate and the company.

The training program guidelines and assessment process applies to our in-house employees being trained at our Hyderabad facility.