Home-Based Careers for Freelance Research Report Writers/Authors

ResX Analytics requires freelance writers and authors to research and write white papers on specific industry sectors, technologies, and market reports spanning a wide spectrum of industries. We are presently seeking to develop, build, and expand our network of talented freelance report writers. A flexible, well rewarding, responsive, and fun working arrangement, ResX Analytics offers a convenient career solution that strikes an optimum balance between work and personal life. The editorial opportunities, which we offer include, freelance business research writing/editing, writing white papers on industries, reports, newsletters, and consulting. We provide an environment conducive for incessant, uninterrupted learning and development, and offer competitive compensation packages based on performance, and content delivery. We invite bright and motivated people to maximize their experience by being a part of this strong team of off-site writers and editors. Prospective applicants need to be available and willing to work on a contract basis to support, and help us complete commissioned market studies and business intelligence research on industries across the globe.

Critical to a successful research career at ResX Analytics, interested candidates should be proactively self-directed and driven requiring minimal time for background learning and familiarization with market/data modeling techniques. The candidate should be conversant with data mining, management, analysis, and adaptation. The candidate should be able to organize and reconcile disparate data from a wide variety of sources. Should be able to analyze how market segments and sectors in different regions relate to one another. The candidate should also be numerically literate to be able to statistically evaluate market segment attractiveness.

Is this right for you?

We invite bright and motivated people to maximize their experience by being a part of this strong team of content writers. Prospective applicants can choose from part-time and full-time commitment and can shift from one to another based on time commitments by giving us prior notice. Part-Time participation requires a commitment of about 20 hours per week and full-time participation requires about 40 hours a week. Regardless of what level of commitment you make initially, you can work on your own schedule and convenience. Full-time participants will have weekly goals and must be willing to promptly complete assignments. Under special circumstances where an assignment will be delayed, prior intimation will help us reassign priority projects.

All communication with ResX Analytics will be through the Internet via e-mail and web. Training, guidelines, and support will be provided to participants, who will have independent password- driven access to ResX Analytics intranet.

Project requirements and research materials will be sent to you directly and you will deliver completed materials, reports, etc., back to us. If your work requires improvement or does not qualify, we will explain clearly the problems and give you another try. Due to the simplicity of the requirements, very few serious participants have problems.

This is an excellent opportunity - only one-of-its-kind in India, for individuals seeking an opportunity to earn at their own pace.

Quality of Life

With evolving technology, increasing traffic congestion and the increasing desire for quality time at home, telecommuting is increasingly becoming a mainstream career alternative for professionals. If you are a non-linear thinker and are looking to evolve innovative career approaches and have a strong interest in business research and analysis, this might be the only job you might want to keep.

Freedom & Flexibility

Candidates can set their own work pace based on availability of time, desire for additional income, etc. Our vision is to build a long-lasting relationship with moonlighters and convert them into a strong network of telecommuting employees. These individuals will get to enjoy the income, growth and challenges of a regular full-time ResX Analytics employee, yet have the freedom to work at their own pace on their time.


Participants must possess extraordinary English expression, highest quality editorial and profiling capability, and sound knowledge of business terminology.

Simplified Compensation Process

Compensation ranges from Rs.170 to Rs.400 per MS Word page based primarily on the quality of work delivered and the number of pages. High-quality edited content attracts a premium compensation ranging between Rs. 250 and Rs. 400. Our in-house evaluation team of editorial experts assesses the quality of work and other criteria to establish a payment rate for the participants. A continued effort will be made to improve participant's contribution qualitatively, enabling better earning rate per page for the freelancer and a minimal quality control overhead at ResX Analytics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please click on the link http://www.resx.tech/workez/FRM_Biz_FreeLancersNew.asp and fill in our online application. Please do not post resumes to our office or to any email ID. Only online applications at the given web link are considered.

Candidates selected from the online applications are given an online test via email. No personal interview is conducted for contract writers. The quality of the online write-up forms the primary basis for offering the online test.

The online test assignment email is the only communication that is sent via email to your personal email ID. All communications thereafter, including intimation about your selection in the online test, are through the test assignment interface personalized to each candidate taking the online test.

Please note our recruitment and selection committee is not structured to provide phone or chat support. Our recruitment team is accessible only by email at career@ResX.tech for all queries related to recruitment into Hyderabad and 'work from home' teams. The eNet/Contract writers, upon selection, are provided another email ID for all queries and clarifications. This way, the applicant deals with only one email ID and gets prompt and efficient responses.

The work from home option from ResX Analytics has been in existence over the past 15 years and will continue to recruit, train, and employ quality individuals for many more years to come. However, there may be periods of less work or no work for individuals who are not consistent with quality, productivity or deliverability.

Although there is no limit on the number of pages that you can complete in a day or a month, we ideally look for at least 50 MS word pages of 'usable' edited content in a month. 'Usable' here means edited content that is checked and qualified as usable by our in-house quality control team.

First and foremost, the contract writer has to read and comprehend data provided in the source feed. This will involve thorough reading of the content (including reading between-the-lines), detailed analysis of the situation, and identification of information strategic to the topical area (referred to as relevant information). Subsequent work will involve consolidation of ideas across the given content and presentation of information adhering to the guidelines in formal business expression. The source content has to be rewritten in a creative manner that lacks resemblance to the original idea discussed in the source and at the same time should deliver the same meaning.

Contract writers are tasked on information relevant to the following industries - Advanced Technologies, Aerospace Industry, Automotive, Banking & Finance, Biotechnology, Clean Technologies, Chemicals & Minerals, Metals & Metal Products, Construction Industry, Consumer Health, Food & Beverage, Clinical Diagnostics, Medical Equipment & Supplies, Pharmaceuticals, Garments & Textiles, Household Products, Information Technology, Machinery, and Services, among others.

Projects are assigned at random from a pool of assignments. However, upon selection, based on a specific request in this regard, contract writers may be given a chance to choose the kind of assignments that they may wish to work on.

Remuneration will be based on quality of research content generated, number of pages generated and timeliness of delivery. Payment will be made in the form of fees per assignment handled.

Payments for qualified/selected candidates are made monthly by direct credit online through their savings bank accounts. For disqualified/rejected candidates, payment for the test assignments is made through online credit in their account.

Provident fund, income tax, and other statutory deductions are not deducted from earnings of contract writers. However, TDS (tax deduction at source) is applicable if total earnings exceed beyond the statutory limit.

Two types of training would be provided to candidates selected from the online test. First is the off-site/online training provided through each candidate's personal interface, which is mandatory for all applicants opting for the 'work from home' option. Second is the on-site training provided at our Hyderabad office. Our quality control team comprising of trained individuals with several years of report writing experience provides on-site training for contract writers residing in locations near our Hyderabad office. The on-site training is optional and is based on the contract writer's convenience.

Upon selection, the eNet/contract writer needs to send signed copies of the eNet initiation documents by speed post to the address provided by the eNet coordinator. More details about the eNet initiation documents will be communicated upon selection. Contract writers are constantly exposed to proprietary techniques and processes that are considered intellectual property of the company, its affiliates and clients and hence will need to abide by the industry standard non-compete and non-disclosure norms.

Appointment letter is given to the contract writer upon selection as part of induction related paperwork.

All formalities and communications after selection are carried out via email/post. No physical presence is required at the Hyderabad office.

In case a contract writer wants to resign or discontinue, he/she needs to inform the eNet coordinator a week in advance via email and complete his/her current assignment before discontinuation.

We have developed a disciplined approach focused around uniquely managing quality and schedule at every step. Our workflow is essentially results driven, although emphasis is laid on schedule, and on-time delivery of projects. All external editorial partnerships ease through a procedure of training and knowledge transfer wherein the documented and prescribed set of protocols and guidelines familiarize the editor/writer about editorial responsibilities, and processes. This structured discovery phase develops and nurtures editorial quality standards, style requirements, and analytical integrity among our established team of outsourced writers/editors.

Our editorial projects being long haul in characteristics, we have vibrant long-term relationships with our external/freelance writers, authors and editors. We consider our skilled outsourced editorial talent pool as people-smart economies of scale that reduce overheads, and increase productivity, and performance. Our outsourced content-driven research support through external/freelance editors/writers/authors is a mature, and long-term initiative. With years of proven efficiency in extending editorial support to our in-house team of researchers and analysts, our network of external/freelance editors/writers/authors operate on lines of a scalable model of systemized workflow.

Our accomplished researchers, analysts, and subject matter experts create, develop, and evaluate research content on a purely technical, and analytical level. The skilled pool of outsourced editorial talent extends the required extra polish and refinement to our content-intensive industry specific research reports, studies and white papers. Our professionally trained editors, who thoroughly acknowledge and understand the power of words, provide suggestions for quality content through proposed improvements in grammar, content structure, editorial changes, re-writing raw source content, suggestions for rewriting, revisions, and content organizational enhancements, and corrections.

Since most of the information outsourced is research related, lot of importance and emphasis is placed on the timely deliverability of processed information. Freelance researchers are expected to take on a wide variety of tasks tailored to our specific requirements, including niche level analysis of specific market sectors. In such cases the time duration is contingent on the limited pooled data to be analyzed, and interpreted. Freelancers take anywhere from 2 days to 6 days to complete and submit an assignment.

Prospective candidates can be located in any major city of India, but must be fluent in English and have computer and Internet access.

Although our reports are structured around an established template, they nevertheless require, and provide ample scope for added innovation and creativity.

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